Preservation of long-term reliable data is part of the vision of SAEON and forms one of the three key pillars of SAEON.


Many datasets are invaluable and end up getting lost as scientists, researchers or citizens move into other areas or retire from their fields. Often these data can be intergrated with other data sources or studies can be redone to create a long-term record of observations. To archive your data with SAEON, please e-mail us.


​The SAEON Fynbos node has captured digital images of datasheets, maps and photos from the archive of the Jonkershoek Forestry Research Centre held at the CSIR in Stellenbosch. The JFRC conducted numerous studies on the biodiversity and hydrology of catchments in the Cape Floristic Region from the 1930 to the 1990s. Studies produced by this facility were instrumental in initiating fire management approaches used in the fynbos today, and provided the scientific evidence for motivating for the Working for Water programme. The SAEON Fynbos node has completed the scanning of over 1300 documents, 3000 photographs and 265 maps. We are currently capturing detailed metadata, to be made available on SAEON’s data portal, to ensure that the availability of this data will become more widely known.


Summary of the documents scanned:

Data includes botanical surveys of communities and/or focal species from several areas including:

Cape Peninsula, Cedarberg, Groot Winterhoek, Hottentots Holland, Jonkershoek, Kogelberg, Koue Bokkeveld, Langeberg, Matroosberg, Zachariashoek.


Black and white photographs dating from 1900 to 1986:

This collection documents botanical surveys, erosion studies, experimental burns, rain gauges and weir building, soil and root studies, sand dune reclamation. General historical photos of the offices and staff at the Jonkershoek Forestry Research Station also form part of this collection. All photographs are scanned in TIF format with the original information card they were filed with. Maps were scanned at maximum quality and span a period from 1931 to 1992.


Broad areas covered:

In addition to areas covered by the photographs and documents mentioned above, there are several maps from the Drakensberg area, Cathedral Peak and Eastern Shores.


Subject matter of maps includes:

Stock maps for state forests, Water Affairs dam sites and hydrological catchment areas, topographical surveys, soil slips (Jonkershoek), rare plant surveys, maps of vegetation surveys and releves, geological surveys, fire history and alien vegetation.












​Data projects

Some of our data projects include:

• Observations Database which acts as a repositori for all of SAEON's current and historical hydrological and meteorological time series data 

• Farmers’ weather data

• Analysing climate trends in South African National Parks

• Detecting change from old vegetation records

• Jonkershoek long term climate trends


​For any data-related queries, please e-mail us.

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